Trenary Toast on the Travel Channel

Trenary Toast on the Travel Channel

Trenary Toast was recently featured on Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations on the Travel Channel.  Click here to watch the episode.

Come to Trenary, Michigan and taste for yourself the iconic Trenary Toast.  Chocolate dipped Trenary Toast is currently only available here in our store.  All other Trenary Toast and breads available to order on-line here.

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  • Trenary Toast!
    Limpoo bread!
    I remember my aunt Martha Campbell bringing down the high school graduates for their D.C. senior trip and stopping for a stay-over at our house every year. She would always bring bags of cinnamon toast and the rye bread we called Limpoo. What great memories! That was one of the highlights of every start of summer. Loved them then-still love them to this day!


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