Shipping prices are based on contract shipping rates that Trenary Home Bakery, Inc. has negotiated with UPS (United parcel Service).  Certain destinations are shipped to via the USPS (United States Postal Service) if the shipping cost is found to be less than UPS.  
Trenary Home Bakery, Inc. does everything possible to assure our products ship the most economical method possible.  For instance, shipping supplies are purchased in bulk quantities (boxes, tape, labels, etc.).  The packing material used to cushion our products in shipment is created from our empty flour and sugar bags which are shredded and re-purposed as packing material.  Re-purposed flour and sugar bags prevents them going directly to the landfill and offsets the need to purchase expensive packing material. Furthermore, the shredding of the bags is accomplished by our business ally, Lakestates Industries, providing jobs for local workers with intellectual disabilities.  Besides, it makes for really good packing for our Toast and Breads!