3 Reasons to Visit Trenary Home Bakery While You're in the U.P.

3 Reasons to Visit Trenary Home Bakery While You're in the U.P.

In the middle of the U.P. is the tiny town Trenary.  Stop in the Bake Shop at Trenary Home Bakery, Inc.  Our job is to make you glad you stopped in!

Here are the top 3 reasons to stop in:

1. Trenary Toast - Our popular snack toast is here and you can taste test and re-stock your toast supplies.   Trenary Toast is a Yooper favorite and it comes only from this humble, little bakery.  This is the toast that U.P. immigrants brought with them from the old country. It's still a classic today, great for dunking in hot coffee, tea, cocoa, or milk.  Can't get here in person? Order online here.

2. Cinnamon Bread  - You won't want to miss the yummy cinnamon scent that fills the neighborhood when we bake our Cinnamon Bread.  We only make 50 or so loaves each day and we keep them on-hand but they sell out quickly.  Come into the Bake Shop to get yours.  Try a slab of our cinnamon bread during your visit with our luscious Bourbon Sauce drizzled over top.  Unbelievably wonderful to savor!

3. Rye Bread - This sourdough rye with caraway, locally referred to as limpu, is the perfect sandwich bread. Or toast it and serve with butter or jam. This loaf has been a Trenary Home Bakery staple since the bakery opened its doors in 1928.

Shop all of our products online, or come into the Bake Shop and spend time with us and experience this U.P. destination for yourself!


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