How Trenary Toast Gets Its 365 Day Shelf Life

How Trenary Toast Gets Its 365 Day Shelf Life

We've all heard the story.  A Yooper finds a long-forgotten bag of Trenary Toast at camp buried deep in the pantry. The toast is 5 years past its expiration date, but the Yooper eats it anyway and to their surprise, the toast is still good!


The truth is that when stored in dry and cool conditions, Trenary Toast stays fresh for a very long time. Each bag has a 365-day shelf life from the date that it is produced! 


The reason for this crazy long shelf life is due to the baking process, which takes almost all of the moisture out of each piece of handcrafted toast. The best part? There are no preservatives or artificial agents used in Trenary Toast to extend the shelf life - it is naturally shelf stable.


We produce Trenary Toast by hand in small batches daily. This helps us give our customers the freshest possible toast with the most shelf life remaining...not that it will last that long once you bring it home! 


We recommend storing toast in a dry area free from excess humidity. If Trenary Toast is exposed to moisture, we have a solution. Lay the pieces out on a baking tray and pop them in the oven for 3-5 minutes at 350, and voila! Your toast will have the crunch you need to get your day started. 


Happy dunking and crunching! 


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