Stand Out this Holiday Season with Trenary Home Bakery

Stand Out this Holiday Season with Trenary Home Bakery

Trenary Home Bakery is famously known for Trenary Toast, our crunchy and unique dunking toast. What many don't know, is that here at the bakery we make far more than toast!

Take for instance our delicious cinnamon rolls - hand rolled with our signature blend of cinnamon and sugar, and topped with our home made icing. Perfect for breakfast or desert, they also make the best bread pudding imaginable. 

Looking for bread to accompany a savory dish? Try out our handmade rye rolls made with our original old country rye recipe and topped with caraway seeds. 

Make your Thanksgiving Dinner a smash with our home made baked goods. Call 906-446-3330 and place your orders by 11/26 for fresh bakery items. 

Please see below for our complete list of offerings: 

Rye Rolls ..........$4.00/dozen

White Dinner Rolls ...........$3.00/dozen

Slider Buns.........$3.00/pack of 8

Hamburger Buns.......$3.50/packs of 8

Hot Dog Buns............$3.50/packs of 8

Small Cinnamon Rolls .......$3.25/roll

Large Cinnamon Rolls ........$4.25/roll volume discount available

White Sub Breads........$2.85/loaf    volume discount available 


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