Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Wow - this toast is hard. How do I eat it?
-Dunk Trenary Toast in coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milk, or even wine!
-A generous smear of Butter on Trenary Toast will make any day go better!
-Peanut Butter, Nutella, Jam, Cream Cheese .... you get the idea!!!
-Place a slice of Trenary Toast in a bowl and pour cold or warm milk over slice (careful this is addictive and can cause drowsiness and peaceful dreams).
-Dip toast in egg and milk mixture and drop on a hot skillet to make French Toast (baking it is just as tasty).
-Crumble toast to make a crust for pie by adding melted butter and baking before adding pie filling.
-Crumble toast and mix with butter and sugar and add to the top of a pie as a crumble topping.
2. How should I store Trenary Toast?
Trenary Toast usually doesn't stay around long at all as your taste buds drive you to it quick as a flash.  However, if for some strange reason you want to store your toast we recommend placing the original packaging in a cool, dry place such as kitchen cabinet, cookie jar, or simply on the counter.  Each bag is dated with a "Best-if-Used-By" code date of 365 days from the date of manufacture. Although many customers tell us they store it in Tupperware or in their refrigerator or even in their freezer we find a cool, dry kitchen environment just fine.  Keeps quite well at Deer Camp, in the Garage tool box, on the front seat of the work truck, and even in the occasional tackle box.  Trenary Toast enjoys the company of Thermos bottles and coffee pots too!  Of course, the very best way to store your Trenary Toast is in your very own Toast Jar available at our on-line store!
3.  My toast is no longer crunchy, what do I do?
Place the toast on a cookie sheet and pop it in the oven anywhere from 100 to 300 degrees for 2 to 10 minutes.  Watch carefully and Voila!!  It will be dry and crunchy/crispy and good as new!
4. My toast arrived damaged.  What do I do?
All packages are sent with Shipping Insurance.  Please locate the tracking number on your package and work with UPS or USPS for a solution.  Occasionally this delicate toast does break in transit; we do our level best to carefully pack each shipment.  If it were me - I'd count it a great day and warm some milk, crunch the broken toast in a bowl, add a drop or two of Vanilla extract, pour the warm milk over the toast, stir lovingly and nibble my way to that place where few taste buds have ever gone!
5. Can I come to Trenary and see the bakery where you make this toast?
Trenary is a mythical place where toast is created and outside visitors are not allowed.  Just kidding - of course you can come to the source and find your favorite Trenary Toast products here along with the other products we make.  We are 1/4 mile off of Highway 41 between the cities of Marquette and Escanaba in the Upper Peninsula area of Michigan.  We are approximately 3 hours due north of Green Bay, Wisconsin. 
6. How long have you been making Trenary Toast?
This bakery was built in 1928 and has been producing Trenary Toast and other baked goods for 90 years!!!  This style of hard, dunking toast was brought to the U.S. by the hearty Finnish immigrants in the late 1880's and has endured as a favorite snack.  We produce toast 5 days per week starting at 2:00 AM every morning and finishing up every evening around 9:00 PM.
7. Do you ship Trenary Toast?
You betcha we do!  We pack and ship toast and many of our other products every weekday.  We ship to all 50 states, to APO and FPO addresses, and to US Territories.  Most shipments are by UPS and some are by US Postal Service.