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Vanilla Trenary Toast

$ 5.75
Vanilla Trenary Toast

Vanilla Toast!! Bold & Fun

Remember Nilla wafers as a kid?? This toast is the adult answer to what vanilla should be!!  Good dunked in coffee, really good dunked in hot cocoa, way good dunked in hot tea but when you dunk Trenary Vanilla Toast in a cold glass of mill .....  your taste buds will be trumpeting their approval!  You want comfort food?  Stop looking - you've found it - there are few things on earthe more comfy than this!

16 slices of toast in this 10 ounce bag are asking to meet up with your taste buds! 

Greeting card available upon request. 



We ship the World’s Greatest Toast to every state in the union!  We also ship to military APO/FPO addresses but request that you telephone those orders to us at (906) 446-3330. Thank you!

We proudly support and deeply respect all past and present members of our nation's military.

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