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Plain Trenary Toast

$ 4.75
Plain Trenary Toast

Our toast with no cinnamon coating is the essence of Zwieback!  The beauty of this toast is in the simplicity of flavor - let your taste buds taste the nuttiness of wheat!  It is crisp and crunchy and hearkens back to those precious days when only royalty had the advantage of baked goods.

You will find 16 slices of toast in each bag!  Then you will look for any opportunity to incorporate this toast into your favorite foods -- croutons anyone?  Dipping into soup or stew?  A nice smear of butter?  Is there a better way to enjoy cheese spread than floating atop a slice of Trenary Plain Toast?


Greeting card available upon request. 


We ship the World’s Greatest Toast to every state in the union!  We also ship to military APO/FPO addresses but request that you telephone those orders to us at (906) 446-3330. Thank you!

We proudly support and deeply respect all past and present members of our nation's military.

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